Every country has some state of the art buildings where everyone wants to have their memories because of the uniqueness the buildings have and also to know about the culture and what better place to know the culture than an art gallery. The need for an Avant Garde museum was felt by Andrew W. Mellon to keep up with other great nations so they established National Gallery of Art.


A museum is a place where you can visit to have a recreational tour as well as you can have an informative trip. You can get rid of the mundane routine and can have some good memories for your future.  Being in America one should visit the historical places and National Gallery is one of them which one would dare to go or else wise you would miss one best spot.  

The National Gallery of Art has some fascinating sights and wonderful façade and it is so unique in itself that one can view the whole collection in a broad horizon once stepping into it from any of the four entrances to the West Building other one being the East Building. Both buildings have their own characteristics one facing the garden and built in the classicizing style and other one formed by taking inspiration from the trapezoidal site and was in modernist style. West building has the art of some great artists some of which are Jan van Eyck, Raphael’s Alba, Fra Angelico and El Greco.  East building had the major contribution of Henry Moore and Alexander Calde at that time so one would not want to miss such great work of the artists.  

Another aspect of this museum is that it has everything whether it be on a geographical prospect or historical point of view.  So basically one can say that it is a complete encyclopedia of arts and has knowledge about everything.  It has paintings, sculptures, photographs, decorative arts and media arts which constitute either geography or becomes a part of history.

this is a picture inside the national gallery of art

Another thing which adds value is that it has different sections and each section having the background of the local region like one is American likewise has French too and many other. One thing I would like to mention here is that it is not that only the one who has some sort of interest in arts then he can enjoy there or can spend time there but everyone can enjoy the exceptional work of art.

These are some of the factors which urge a person to visit museums like the National Gallery of Art and have some wonderful memories and have some quality time spent in addition to having an easy access to the information world. I am sure that enlightening on some of the factors that why one should visit National Gallery of art one would rethink and love to have a trip there.