Four pieces of art to look forward to seeing in the Museum

The list of words that people use to describe the diversity of artwork in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York has no limit. People have regarded the artwork as marvelous, intricate in details and even historical. The museum is a home for hundreds of years of art work. The only thing that might be missing is the presence of the artists who made this beauty possible. If you are visiting New York, here are four art pieces whose story will make you want to visit the museum.

The Death of Socrates

This piece of art inside the museum takes us back to the times of Socrates, an ancient and respected teacher in Athens. Jacques Louis David, the French painter behind this piece of art, painted it in 1787. The painting portrays Socrates who is sitting on a bed while reaching out to take the cup of hemlock. Beside him is his disciples who appear to be sad. He chose the name ‘death of Socrates’ as a way to inform people of the death of this historical teacher. People accused Socrates of having denied the gods and leading the youth astray. With the option of either denying his beliefs or drink hemlock and lose his life, he chose the latter.  

The Denial of Saint Peter

This piece of art derives its story from the bible. It portrays how Saint Peter denied Jesus, the pioneer of the Christian faith, thrice before the cock crew. The Italian artist, Caravaggio, completed this piece of art in 1610. In deep contrast of black and white colors, he painted Saint Peter and two more people. Regardless `of your religion, you will fall in love with this piece once you see it in the museum.

Sphinx of Hatshepsut

If you like the cultural heritage and history of Egypt, then this sculpture will amaze you. It is a sphinx with the head of the Egyptian ruler, Hatshepsut. After her reign in the 15th century, her successor ordered that his subjects destroy the sculpture. Later on, the museum owner displayed the reassembled piece in the museum. You will notice that, unlike another sphinx in the pyramids of Gizza, it has a nose.

this is a picture of an art inside the metropolitan museum of art in new york city

Venus Italic

Under the order of King Ludovico 1, Antonio Canova started creating this sculpture as a replacement for the statue of Venus. This is because the French had taken the statue from Florence. Antonio completed this marvelous piece of art in the 1820s. It is a simple sculpture of a naked Roman god holding on to a piece of fabric while she looks over her shoulder. Though Antonio used marble in creating her, she looks almost as real as a normal human being.

The above art pieces are just a fraction of the remarkable artwork to expect from visiting the museum. New York is lucky to have such a diverse collection of art within it. Feel free to visit the place any time that you are in New York and get to experience years of history under one roof.