Going to museums involves so much more than simply admiring the work of some artist you may or may not have heard of.  It is the emotions that one feels when looking at said art, and the people that you have chosen to go through this experience with.  Tied together, these factors create a unique memory for each individual to keep for themselves.

new york museum

Upon Entering

Despite being quite famous, from the street the Museum of Modern Art seems to be no different than the surrounding buildings.  Round about doors greets each eager patron with a sense of urgency and bustle.  

As each guest makes their way to pay for their ticket of entry, all have their own emotions written across their faces.  A couple who seem to be on their first date, the man fumbling nervously with his wallet flashing a shy smile at his date; A small Korean woman holding a map gazing across the vast lobby with eyes wide taking in all her surroundings.  Millions walk through this very lobby every year all with varying emotions, ages, nationalities, and anticipations.

new york musuem


Once handed a ticket from the diligent workers clad in red, a rush of excitement bursts through, for what lies ahead is unknown.  Each ticket has a different famous piece of artwork on it.  As guests make their way to the first flight of stairs there is giddiness in the air as groups compare ticket artwork admiring the small physical token they get to take away from the experience? Six floors are connected by an open staircase that allows onlookers to get different perspectives of pieces while they continue to their next exhibition.

ny museum

The Main Event…

The exhibition that I remember the most to this day was one that was created by an anonymous artist.  A dark, ominous room with white projection screens scattered in the vastness.  A simple four-man bench sits approximately 20 feet away from each screen for spectators.  There is an emptiness in the air surrounding the screens.  In the dark, a sequence of black numbers is projected against the luminous white backgrounds.  Every screen has numbers sprawled in a different movement from thin lines to flashing numbers in every corner.

The simplicity of not knowing the intended meaning of the numbers allowed people to sit in wonder with their own interpretations.