Musee d’Orsay is a very beautiful museum in Paris, France which is under the Ministry of Culture. The museum was opened in 1986.  It is located on the banks of the Seine River. Its magnificence has made it one of the most visited museums in the world. It was originally a railway station before it was converted into a museum. The building was at risk of being destroyed until the city fought for it. It was then restored to the beautiful museum it is today. The museum houses the diverse and rich French art. This includes paintings, sculpture and decorative art gallery. It displays the greatest works which consist of modern paintings, photography, decorative objects and sculptures of the early modern times. The world class collection is presented in a chronological manner. Most of the artwork found here dates from 1848-1915 with many pieces French Impressionist and Post-Impressionist masterpieces.

this is an image of the musee d orsay

Types of Art

The art displayed in Musee d’ Orsay is divided into various categories. This comprises of Impressionists, romantic artists, realizes and post-realists. The paintings and sculptures were made by remarkable artists.  The masterpieces are famous and they put the museum on the top of the places that visitors want to see. Impressionism was featured with color and simplicity. It was a time for experimentation for artists as they broke away from the standard way of painting. The Romantic Movement represented a return to nature. There was interest in color.


The museum is divided into three floors. The different facilities found in the museum are distributed throughout the three floors. The ground floor has art galleries which are located on either side of the central alleyway. The sculptures form two rows, suggesting the past presence of the railway tracks. The right side consists of historical paintings which are works from 1848 to the early 1870s. Its right side is on realism and pre-impressionism. The middle floor has a café where visitors get a snack. Impressionist paintings are found on the middle floor. The terraces open into additional art galleries with great artwork. One can also get a beautiful view over the Seine River while on the top floor.

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Why it is Recommended for Visitors

A visitor interested in great art work should definitely visit the museum to see the impressive works found there. All the floors can be accessed using a wheelchair. All assistance to the disabled persons can access the museum for free. There are also a few temporary exhibits, concerts, festivals and art shows which are held throughout the course of the year. The architecture of the museum is also breath-taking. All the paintings in the museum tell a story from the artists’ point of view.  One can visit the museum any day except Mondays since it is closed. A visitor should refer to the museum’s website for more information on the opening hours. It would be preferable for someone to visit when the numbers are lesser in order to have more fun than when it is crowded.